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RevMedia Publishing is a hybrid-publishing model for authors, bookstores, publishing houses and readers.  We produce the best quality  book possible for our authors and clients. We bring bookstores and authors together with our hybrid-publishing business model.

Helping Christian authors get their books published by a new look at self-publishing has been one of the goals for our ministry over the last few years. Imagine the books waiting in the heart of man that can help thousands of people through their walk with Christ. By allowing us to share with you our resources we can assist you in getting your book out to the public.

Whether you just want to get your story out to your congregation or Sunday School. Or even if you want to get your story to the world to see. We can help.

If your thinking of publishing a book with the quality to be used for bookstores, press releases, book tours and internet campaigns then we can help. 

Let me tell you something I found out for myself when publishing my first book in 2005. "Your book is yours. Nobody cares about it as much as you. Its up to you to protect your ideas, hard work, and writing in the final product." 

We understand this... We are not a vanity press or print shop.  We don't require for you to purchase a set amount of books either.  We do not publish books to make a quota or to make sales only.  We don't charge you the retail price for copies of your own book either.  

We are a publishing partner with you. I talk with each author individually before taking a new author's project. I want to understand the author's intent and get a short preview of their idea or material.  

Please go through our website to see who we are and what we have to offer you. Then email me to discuss your idea or to ask any questions you might have.

God Bless,

Dr. David Yanez

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