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RevLife was created to bring neglected children in all countries the basic needs of living.  We believe every kid deserves a chance. A chance to have food, medical, clothing, education and spiritual freedom. 

How do we do this? By working with the nationals of each country to ensure continuing support and supervision of the children we help.  We operate two orphanages in Orissa, India with plans of several more all over the world.  We recently adopted The Genevieve Project in Kenya, Africa which is a Christian Preschool in a poor area for dysfunctional families ruined by drugs and alchol.

How can you help? Simply by supporting our Feed The Kids program, donating or purchasing any product that shows the RevLife name on it. 

Where doe the funds go? Proceeds go to support the orphanages, medical needs in villages for children and feed programs througout the year.

What is Adopt a Child? Because true adoption is rare and almost unheard of in India. These kids could end up staying for life in our centers with out an adopted parent.  That’s why we developed Adopt a Kid. When someone sponsors a child monthly in any of our orphanages they literally become their adopted parents.  They will grow to know you and correspond through translation over email or video conference. You will get names and photos of the children you adopt.

What is Feed the Kids? It is a Feed Campaign to feed the needy kids of this world.

What is Relief Aid? Its providing medical, education, living necessities, building schools and homes for the less fortunate of the world.

The monthly cost is simple.  $35 Adopts (feeds, houses, medical and school fees), $20 Feeds Children and $15 Relief Aid (provides medical and education essentials).
One-time gifts are always welcomed and greatly appreciated!

Two Orphanages in Orissa, India


Childrens Preschool in Kenya, Africa

Feed the Kids ministries in India & Kenya


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