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We have concentrated our missions ministry on the broken, desolate and forgotten areas of the world.  Since 2010 we have ministered in Orissa India taking several trips a year to go into the hostile areas of villages in mountains, villages and sea shores where thousands have been healed and delivered.  Including the deaf, blind and cripple have been miraculously healed in our events. We continue to go to areas where Jesus has not been preached or where miracles have not happened.  

In Kenya we have teamed up with Paulo Mauta of Koinia ministries to reach the slums of Nairobi.  In our last 7 day crusade we seen more miracles happen than all my visits 4 previous visits to Kenya. God has something special planned for our ministry in Kenya.  I can't wait to see it unfold!

I am also working with Paul Ligono of Serve International to hold crusades around all the 14 counties of Kenya.  We plan to hold our first one this late Summer.

Please keep all our mission work in prayer as we continually ask God for direction, protection and provision in His will.
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