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Ministry Endorsements

“Dr. David Yanez has been a friend of mine for many years.  His ministry is valuable on many levels, especially in the areas of user-friendly broadcasting and publishing.  But more than that, he is a man of integrity that I am proud to recommend.”
Dr. Bron Barkley
Founding Pastor Shalom Hebraic Christian Congregation of Kingwood, Texas
Director of Evangelism of Alive Ministries of Kingwood, Texas


“The thing I admire about Dr. Dave Yanez, and his radio network, is his appreciation of programs that are trying to "meet people where they are... in order to take people where they need to go". We no long can be fisherman of men with a "dry hook".  I think sports provides that bait that causes people to at least swim around us to check out we might be offering. The Gospel has been around for a long I believe we must be creative and innovative in  the way we present the "Good News of Jesus Christ" to a world that truly is lost and desparate for "some kind of hope"!...Dave understands that...PTL!”
Dr. Dwight Allen, A Second Look at Sports, Findley, OH


"No higher praise can be offered than to describe David Yanez as a man of God who lives what he preaches. His love for the forgotten peoples of earth stirs me to find and reach those suffering in a similar manner. A faith preacher, David is a miracle worker and someone worthy of your confident consideration,"
Malcolm Burton, Pastor, Northgate Family Church, Spring, TX


“Whether it is preaching in the local church, sending the gospel all over the world through internet radio and the printed page or going on missionary journeys, David Yanez is determined to fulfill the commandment of Jesus to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Revelation Ministries is a God inspired, great fruit bearing ministry of the Lord Jesus.”
Pastor David Hope, Words Of Life Church, Humble, TX


“David Yanez, of RevMedia Publishing is a God chosen man who is filled with character and gifting for the ministry of missions and media understanding. A proven blessing for advancing the work of our Lord in these high-tech days.”
Dr. Gerald W. Davis, Overflowing Cup Ministries, Conroe, TX


“I met David Yanez in California several years ago. At that time he was in the process of opening his own broadcasting station. He is one of the men that work on the edge for Jesus. His drive is infectious and has a limitless open vision. Only a few men like this around. His dedication is outstanding. I will stand behind him in all he does for our Lord.”
Pastor Cliff McKern, Life-Builder Church Ministries, Fort Worth, Texas

“I have worked with David for sometime and have found him to be a brother in Christ. He has always been loving, vision oriented, and wanted to use all his abilities for the Lords work.  I would recommend David, his ministries, and his work to anyone whom would want some one to be a true brother in Christ and someone to trust.  I count him as a friend, someone I would trust. He has always been faithful and given his help if I needed it.”

Dana G Smith,WIBR/WARN Radio and Online Ministries


"At Shepherd's Hill Academy, we appreciate David Yanez and his support of our radio broadcast 'License To Parent with Trace Embry.'  Relationship is important to our ministry as it is important to the Kingdom and its expansion.  We pray God would be pleased by the efforts of the Rev Media Network for His glory."
Trace Embry, Founder and Executive Director of Shepherd's Hill Academy in Martin, GA


 “Rev. Dr David Yanez works tirelessly to bring people from every background into true Christian discipleship. Using a multi-media platform of excellence his ministry spans the globe.”
Rev. Peter Stanway, The Way Christian Ministries, Scotland, UK

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